Brand identity & communication strategy

– Wine next

The big business event dedicated to wine in the heart of Padua

Wine Next is the event reserved solely for those in the ho.re.ca. sector. promoted by Wine&Spirits trade agents in collaboration with Padova Fiere, bringing together the big names in wine in the heart of the city.

An event that was immediately a great success, so much so that it prompted the organizers to invest in 360-degree communication. Hence the opportunity to interpret the event from scratch, designing an ad-hoc brand identity and promoting it through well-known online tools.


Brand identity & logo design

A triple meaning

The logo is the face of Wine Next, the primary visual expression that is used to identify it. All elements have been included in such a way as to be balanced and well-proportioned visually.

The logo consists of a pictogram and logotype (text part with the name of the event).

Paying attention at the symbol, the three dots encapsulate a triple meaning: from the stylized shape of grapes, to the three thematic areas of the event, to the representation of Padua as the city of the three “without” (the Café without doors, the Meadow without grass, the Saint without a name).

As for the logotype, two types of fonts were placed side by side to emphasize the union between the classic nature of wine and its projection into the future.


Web Design

Elegant and effective

Creation of a website that fully reflects the coordinated image and brand identity designed, with a focus on user experience to ensure, at first, the acquisition of contacts at the exhibitor level, and then visitors.


Social & Web Marketing

Accross-the-board strategy

Each platform has its own logics, so it is important to shape communication to follow them, while at the same time respecting the institutional nature of such an event.
Specifically, the work done is divided into content creation, management of major social networks and implementation of advertising strategies to promote the event.

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