Brand identity & communication strategy

– Boe

Game, beer, drink & food

Boe Public House was founded in 2017 with the idea of creating a space where people could meet, play together and have fun. An innovative format, which enriches the pub concept through the presence of video games, board games and billiards, made freely available to customers. Of course, there is no shortage of beer and good food.

The collaboration began with the opening of the third Boe Public House in the Veneto region, the one in Treviso, for which a brand identity was designed from scratch, creating custom visual and textual communication.


Brand Identity

Captivating and entertaining

After a thorough study of the audience and the end product, an appealing and fun brand identity was designed with the aim to convert users into customers while informing them of the pub’s dynamics. The key element of communication is a personalized style designed to create a reference point in the minds of consumers.

social & Web marketing

Explicit and engaging

Study of the most appropriate tone of voice for a friendly, yet effective communication to target users and promotion of content in specific areas, all linked by explicit and attractive graphics.



Pub Portrait

Study and implementation of shootings that combine the different elements that characterize Boe: food, games and fun. The main goal? Making the mouth water.

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