Brand identity & communication strategy

- Horizon

Tennis Academy in Vicenza.

Horizon accompanies young tennis players on the competitive path, combining passion for the sport with technical skills, a school where dreams become the new horizons.

In order to show all the appeal of a sport like tennis, we took a 360-degree approach to Horizon, starting with a new visual communication and a revamped, brand-friendly website, while continuing to convey Horizon’s values.


Web Design

Attractive layout

Distinguished by its eye-catching layout and enhanced by dynamic images and blue sections, the website aims to communicate Horizon’s passion, professionalism and uniqueness.


social media strategy

New communication horizons

The use of bright colors and dynamic images characterize the Instagram feed, creating an impactful visual in line with brand values.

For a recognizable and memorable Digital Resonance, a pictogram was created that echoed Horizon’s logo but at the same time was reminiscent of the tennis ball. Key element in content creation.


Creative Shooting

A winning service

The narrative of the whole reality of Horizon is made possible by some dynamic shots that knew how to capture the moment: from the moment of preparing the fields and equipment to the moments of play through training and athletic preparation, this is the focus of the shoots for Horizon, developed both indoors and outdoors.

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