Creative Shooting & Social Media

– Volpe Pasini

A history of contemporary art

Volpe Pasini, one of the oldest wineries in northeastern Italy, brings with it a century-old store of knowledge, where each past experience becomes a building block on which to build the present.

The mission is to convey the freshness of the brand, always current and innovative, while counterbalancing the important history behind it.

For this reason, the brand identity designed for Volpe Pasini follows current trends with a touch of irreverence and color.


Social & Web Marketing

In trend

Riding the trends of the moment, reels and dynamic content featured posts on major social platforms. These, supported by shots taken in studio, were promoted by an eye-catching marketing strategy based on online adv campaigns.


Creative shooting

Color block

Tone on tone, unusual combinations bordering on the surreal, where wine is the only constant: this is the impactful, eccentric, pop proposal that characterizes Volpe Pasini.
Using the color block trend, monochromatic sets were created, within which subjects create interesting associative inconsistencies.

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