Brand identity & communication strategy

- Ovosodo

Recognized Venetian reality in the world of food

Agenzia pubblicità Padova Opera Advertise Brand identity e communication strategy di Opera Advertise per Ovosodo

Ovosodo is a recognized reality inserted in the world of food, which over the years has established itself in several cities in the Veneto region.
The two first venues opened in Vicenza, Restaurant & Pizzeria and Cocktail Bar, are the pillars that allowed the birth of the Jesolo, Monselice and Padua venues: realities that embrace in a single vision the two souls of the brand. Also in the family are Ovosodo Experience and Ovosodo Apartments.

Creating a visual, clear, immediate identity that leads the different formats back to a single brand was the first step in the birth of Ovosodo. The next challenge was based on modulating the identity of each venue and format, bringing their communication back to the overall concept, but enhancing the distinctiveness of each.


Brand identity

Sparkling nature

Conceptualization of the company and all aspects of brand identity. Creation of a detailed brand book. A complete and dynamic reality, ready to embrace the nature of the various declinations of the brand.

Brand identity di Opera Advertise per Ovosodo

Social & Web marketing

A dynamic format

Enhancement of different menu offerings through visual and textual content consistent with the brand and tone of voice of the target format. Content and brand promotion through cross platform advertising campaigns: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google.



Food portrait

Photographic services that respond to the logic of the dish and drink, enhanced individually or in an event-related context.


Offline content

A comprehensive experience

Creation of menus and drink lists, company profiles, business cards, flyers, signs and billboards. Event organization and dedicated communication. Full support in opening different venues and organizing activities and events.

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