Brand identity & communication strategy

– Vecio Piave

Recognized Venetian reality in the world of food

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Vecio Piave is a tribute to true seafood cuisine on the outskirts of Jesolo, a restaurant that has been blending tradition and innovation in a refined and entertaining culinary offering since 2007.

The highlight is a very fresh and selected foods, which tells with authenticity and taste the best that the sea can offer, for a true gastronomic experience.

Accompanying the catering is the organization of events in the section adjacent to the venue, a format where the pursuit of quality food and beverage are blended with entertainment: Taste was born.

Respecting the value of a level company, modeling a truthful brand identity and communicating, through an integrated strategy, the essence of Vecio Piave is the main goal set at the beginning of this collaboration.

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visual business strategy

Quality Food & Beverage

Study of strategies supported and complemented by ad-hoc graphics and selected photos to incentivize customers to respond physically.


Social & Web marketing

Tempting communication

Deciphering the essence of Vecio Piave, declining it in the various elements that characterize its brand identity, is the focus of the work done for this reality.

In particular, it is the specific copywriting, adv strategy and graphic design activities and skills in the food&beverage industry that make the difference.


Shooting concept

Food portrait

Vecio Piave’s is a complete experience: a journey through the flavors of the sea and coastline that characterize the Venetian Lagoon. Representing this idea was a dedicated shooting, where preparation, from the raw material to the finished dish, was the main focus.

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