Brand identity & communication strategy

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Hair salon for women and men


Baufiber Visionhair is a salon that has been accompanying its clients in the care and enhancement of their look for more than 15 years.

Numerous refresher courses and years of experience ensure a trained staff that keeps up with trends.

The goal is to introduce more and more people to this reality through social platforms, creating an increasingly loyal community.

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/01 Brand Identity

Design of the dynamic and fresh image of the venue

Periodically, the graphic style is updated to give movement to the social profiles, always maintaining a distinct identity from other competitors in the industry.


Elevate your style

The creation of shooting and video content made it possible to best convey the salon’s values: professionalism and innovation.

/03 Social Strategy

The digital experience has never been more real

Mostly video content and carousels were chosen to prevail, accompanied by a marketing strategy with online adv campaigns.

baufiber social

offline content

Always by your side

Offline communication remains in line with online communication, so as to ensure maximum brand recognition.


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