Graphic Design & Digital Resonance

– Black Sheep

Famous Cocktail Bar in the center of Bolzano

Situated in a wonderful urban setting, it stands more precisely in the center of Bolzano, Black Sheep, a famous cocktail bar… now become a recognized reality in the world of mixology.

A cozy bar that gives space to creativity and taste shaken in a sparkling cockatil served on the rocks, to be enjoyed accompanied by the mouth-watering items on the food menu; consisting exclusively of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The mission is well defined, to be able to convey through online and offline communication, the inventiveness and flair applied daily in the creation of new formats, drinklists and food menus as well as in the creation of their delicious drinks, thus conveying the passion and dedication applied day after day.

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Brand identity

Originality, creativity and humor

Design, management and promotion of brand identity.

A singular and offbeat corporate identity that combines creativity, whimsy and humor shaken into a delicious blend.

Production of interactive content aimed at thinning the distance between the audience and the Black Sheep reality as much as possible.


Social & Web Marketing

A dynamic format

Communication management, name and image promotion directly and indirectly through advertising the proposals offered.


Creative Shooting

Barriers breaker

Photographic services consistent and faithful to the style and image of the venue, functional for the creation of social content in order to enhance the individual product and the promotion of them.


Offline content

Unprecedented menu

Making creative menus and drink lists, business cards and flyers. Communication of events and master classes accompanied by dedicated advertising.

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