Brand identity & communication strategy – Pinocchio Musicafè Well-known Cocktail Bar in Vicenza and reference point of the Vicentine nightlife Pinocchio Musicafè represents the hub of nightlife in the province of Vicenza.A fixed and historic point for all citizens, as well as for mixology lovers. A cool and cozy venue that blends conviviality and good […]

Volpe Pasini

Creative Shooting & Social Media – Volpe Pasini A history of contemporary art Volpe Pasini, one of the oldest wineries in northeastern Italy, brings with it a century-old store of knowledge, where each past experience becomes a building block on which to build the present. The mission is to convey the freshness of the brand, […]


Creative shooting & Social Media – Schiopetto Historic wineryof Friuli Venezia Giulia Schiopetto is a historic winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia that, thanks to the figure of Mario Schiopetto and his enterprising spirit, revolutionized the concept of modern Friulian white wine by positioning itself as one of the pioneers in the industry. Today the company […]