Brand identity & communication strategy – Pinocchio Musicafè Well-known Cocktail Bar in Vicenza and reference point of the Vicentine nightlife Pinocchio Musicafè represents the hub of nightlife in the province of Vicenza.A fixed and historic point for all citizens, as well as for mixology lovers. A cool and cozy venue that blends conviviality and good […]

Horizon Tennis

Brand identity & communication strategy – Horizon Tennis Academy in Vicenza. Horizon accompanies young tennis players on the competitive path, combining passion for the sport with technical skills, a school where dreams become the new horizons. In order to show all the appeal of a sport like tennis, we took a 360-degree approach to Horizon, […]


Brand identity & communication strategy – Boe Game, beer, drink & food Boe Public House was founded in 2017 with the idea of creating a space where people could meet, play together and have fun. An innovative format, which enriches the pub concept through the presence of video games, board games and billiards, made freely […]

Vecio Piave

Brand identity & communication strategy – Vecio Piave Recognized Venetian reality in the world of food Vecio Piave is a tribute to true seafood cuisine on the outskirts of Jesolo, a restaurant that has been blending tradition and innovation in a refined and entertaining culinary offering since 2007. The highlight is a very fresh and […]

Wine Next

Brand identity & communication strategy – Wine next The big business event dedicated to wine in the heart of Padua Wine Next is the event reserved solely for those in the ho.re.ca. sector. promoted by Wine&Spirits trade agents in collaboration with Padova Fiere, bringing together the big names in wine in the heart of the […]

Volpe Pasini

Creative Shooting & Social Media – Volpe Pasini A history of contemporary art Volpe Pasini, one of the oldest wineries in northeastern Italy, brings with it a century-old store of knowledge, where each past experience becomes a building block on which to build the present. The mission is to convey the freshness of the brand, […]

Black Sheep

Graphic Design & Digital Resonance – Black Sheep Famous Cocktail Bar in the center of Bolzano Situated in a wonderful urban setting, it stands more precisely in the center of Bolzano, Black Sheep, a famous cocktail bar… now become a recognized reality in the world of mixology. A cozy bar that gives space to creativity […]


Brand identity & communication strategy – Ovosodo Recognized Venetian reality in the world of food Ovosodo is a recognized reality inserted in the world of food, which over the years has established itself in several cities in the Veneto region. The two first venues opened in Vicenza, Restaurant & Pizzeria and Cocktail Bar, are the […]


Brand Identity & Digital Resonance – King’s Club Discoclub in Jesolo Lido, one of Veneto’s top destinations Rising for about 60 years in Jesolo Lido, King’s Club. A landmark for nightlife and music lovers nationwide and beyond. For the upcoming 2023 summer season, we wanted to revolutionize the communication strategy of the “King.”From content creation, […]


Web Design & Digital Resonance – Rizzatocalzature Brand of footwear and accessories for men, women and children in northern Italy Historical family business that has built its business through the sale of footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Since 1971, it has expanded considerably in the territories of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, […]