1Whatis artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a discipline, falling within the field of computer science, that deals with the development of systems that are capable of mimic some specific abilities usually typical of men. In fact, the goal is to be able to create intelligent systems that can autonomously, through algorithms, reason, adapt, and interact with the external environment.

Thus, artificial intelligence studies how to develop machines that do not require humans for every task, but are capable of make decisions, which until now were only possible through the intellectual abilities of people.Use of artificial intelligence

02Historical background

L’AI was not born recently, but appeared as a scientific discipline in the 1950s, mainly thanks to Alan Turing, considered one of the fathers of computer science, and also of Artificial Intelligence.

Over the years, technology has evolved, and for example. since the 1980s, the first Artificial Intelligence systems have been developed in industry. This was followed by creations dedicated to the commercial sector, until today that It involves every sphere, even that of people’s daily lives.

03Artificial intelligenceand marketing

Artificial intelligence is a very broad field; in fact, it encompasses a range of software with different purposes and capabilities. There are systems that function as virtual assistants (chatbots), or others that deal with generate text o images, or even machines that manage data.

Artificial intelligence and customer service

All of these functions make AI useful for many typical, everyday tasks of marketing.

First of all, these software help with repetitive tasks, which can be so automated, such as inemail marketing. In fact, it can be increased the efficiency and effectiveness of this tool due to the fact that these machines allow you to manage the timing and frequency of mailings, and customize according to the email recipient.

In addition, businesses that decide to use artificial intelligence to manage communication and marketing will have the ability to more quickly collect and analyze a very large amount of data. And, they will also be able to take advantage of the insights to build a tailored strategy that shows they understand their consumers.

Some artificial intelligence can help in the creation of a site or a graphics, in fact starting from a text they can create what is needed. This ability to generate an image in seconds can reduce the work time of marketers, who normally take hours for a creation.

AI helps marketers because it allows them to personalize 360° the customer experience, providing a solution virtually in real time.


Chat GPT: what is it

Chat GPT is a conversational artificial intelligence, that is, it deals with the interaction between machines and human natural language. And it aims to process user input and generate coherent text and responses that mimic typical human language.

OpenAI, anartificial intelligence research company, launched this tool in November 2022. In addition to having a conversational level like that of a human, he also has the ability to answer any question put to him. It can be used for many tasks, such as: machine translation tool, text generator, automated assistant to whom doubts can be addressed, and much more.

Artificial intelligence: GPT chat

Chat GPT at the basic level is free, however, there is also a paid premium version ($20/month) that offers better functioning of the proposed functions.

Has it been successful among people? The answer is absolutely yes, in fact it has reached 1 million of registered users in 5 days, and 100 million in 2 months.

Chat GPT to March 2023 has been blocked in Italy by the Privacy Guarantor, as it claims that there has been unlawful collection of users’ personal data and that there is no control over the age of those who use it.

There is a way to use it on Italian soil as well, and it is thanks to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A system that allows “change” the location of one’s server, so that the IP results in a different location, and you can bypass the blocks regional or national.

VPN to use Chat GPT in Italy

GPT chat: how it works

After registering (also through Google), and verifying your cell phone number, you can begin to take advantage of this artificial intelligence tool.

One can query Chat GPT in any field, and ask it either general questions, as well as detailed. For the first type of inquiry, the response will be virtually instantaneous, whereas for more elaborate questions you may have to wait even a few minutes.

For example, if you ask “Tell me what to cook for dinner,” you will be able to get a response in very few seconds. Whereas if you ask, “I would like a quick recipe for dinner that is vegetarian, and uses carrots,” then the wait time will increase.

If you are not satisfied with the answer you received, or you did not understand the explanation, you can ask other questions related to the previous ones, and the system will generate a new message considering the conversation that has already taken place, so you can respond intelligently without repeating yourself.

If you ask Chat GPT ” How to clean an encrusted pan,” and reading the solution you realize you are missing a product, what can you do? You can send an additional message saying “Replace x with something else“, and you will be given another answer, again considering your initial request.

There is the command “Continue” if the tool stops and you want the response to continue, or if you are not satisfied you can click on the “Regenerate response“. For example, if you don’t like the recipe you are given, then you can press on this button, and you will be given another option.

Midjourney: what it is

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence system text-to-image, that is, it is a program that uses algorithms to create images starting from a textual description. To use these software programs, you have to start by describing in detail what you want to see represented in the image, and from this text is generated a’realistic image.

These creations resemble photographs, and the people portrayed look like real people, in reality do not exist, but simply reflect user input.

Example of an image generated by Midjourney Example of an image generated by Midjourney









This technology works through two modules working together: a generator and a discriminator, the purpose of the former is to create the images from the text, while the second module is in charge of evaluating whether the productions are realistic or not.

An independent research laboratory launched Midjourney in March 2022, and unlike Chat GPT it is not a tool free. In fact, one must compulsorily choose one of three plan types (Basic, Standard, Pro). Prices vary depending on the GPU time available each month, which is the number of minutes it takes to produce an image.

Midjourney does not have its own website, but it is managed by
. This is a U.S.-based digital platform that allows users to communicate with each other through calls, video calls, messages, media, using private or public servers. Discord is completely free, and once registered, one can join any server, such as Midjourney’s, which, however, must be purchased to be used.

All images produced on Midjourney are shared under the license Creative Commons, and therefore do not have copyright protection, but anyone can use them, as the person who creates them does not have ownership. The various works created are automatically visible to anyone, except for those with the Pro subscription, who can work in private mode.

Midjourney: how it works

To use Midjourney, you must type in the text box the command /image, followed by a space and then the description of the image, without being afraid to expand on it.

If you want the system to produce something specific you have to be as detailed as possible. In fact, you can specify a great many details, such as clothes, facial features, the style of an author you want to imitate, and more.

After pressing enter, the artificial intelligence will take about 50 seconds in generating 4 thumbnails, similar to each other, but with different details.

At this point there are several possible functions, in fact if you press the “U” you can get a magnification of the image, and if you want to enlarge only one of the 4 proposed images just click U1, U2, U3 and U4 (depending on the thumbnail). If you press “V“, you can have a new version of one of the images, but always following the style of those already produced. Instead, if you want to get 4 new images, which follow the previous description, however, then just press “Update“.

This artificial intelligence makes it possible to generate images that look like real photographs, and this can lead to the spread of fake news very credible, such as Trump being arrested. In fact, after this scandal, Midjourney has prohibited the request for images depicting famous people arrested, however, one can still request works where VIPs are portrayed doing many other questionable activities. But, of course, the more you progress the more you learn, and this will lead to new rules and limitations.



These artificial intelligence systems may seem like a useful and positive tool, but because of its capabilities, it can also be frightening.

It is understandable to have mixed feelings, especially for those working in creative fields, which require work that now seems to be able to be done by tools such as Chat GPT or Midjourney.

As mentioned in the article, artificial intelligences decrease long creation times, and also avoid repetitive tasks, which should be done by a person. However, these systems will never have the emotional qualities, the past experiences, that enable them to make a connection and convey something to the audience.

Chat GPT and Midjourney, like the rest of AI software, always need a creative and knowledgeable person to give the correct input and to check, fix, and modify the results.